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Kat by Kobbzz Kat :iconkobbzz:Kobbzz 80 3 The girl you left behind by KyashiAnn The girl you left behind :iconkyashiann:KyashiAnn 111 19
Mature content
Lackadaisy: Love Is A Parallax :iconmousethatroared:MouseThatRoared 104 38
Lackadaisy: Love Is Unselfish
Ivy feels guilty when she looks at him, battered and broken in that out dated apartment that somehow reminds him of home. He tells her to leave him alone but it's not in her to obey that order, she cares too much; and it's through caring that all of her failed attempts to help him are started. Bringing him blankets and magazines to read-though they aren't the kind that he likes-she hopes that somehow she can mean as much to him as he means to her.
He tries to be mean, tries to push her away but she is stubborn, and just keeps trying. Somehow that helps her. Now she stands at his front door, books in one arm and blankets in the other as Mrs. Bapka opens the door for her, speaking in a language that she understands a little of.
"dievca, budete mat dobrú starostlivost o že  úbohy chlapec." the old feline says with a concerned look, she can only smile and nod, having only understood the word "dievca" which meant "girl". Viktor called her that sometimes, though not
:iconwanderingmiko:WanderingMiko 59 19
Batfamily x Reader Protective
"I'm sorry I got carried away and -"
"It's okay." You told Dick for the ten-billionth time. He worried far too often for your well-being - although he actually had a reason this time you supposed... I mean... for breaking your arm during training and all. He had been quite apologetic the entire weekend. He had presented you with endless assortments of presents which included, stuffed animals, edible arrangements, sorry notes, fruit baskets, and anything else he could think of. By Monday you had an entire room filled with gifts that have still yet to be unwrapped because he kept giving you something every-time you turned to look at him! It was odd how concerned he was acting even though you hadn't known him for more than three months. Having just recently being adopted into the Wayne family after Bruce had found you running around on the streets. You weren't sure what compelled the rich man to help you - but he did - and in the end all of it resulted into self-defen
:iconmarilsan:marilsan 123 32
Contest Entry ~ The First King by ArmanaTLK Contest Entry ~ The First King :iconarmanatlk:ArmanaTLK 117 10
Uncle: Masrur x Reader RQ
Uncle: Reader x Masrur
When Morgiana announced that she was pregnant with Alibaba’s first child, [y/n] was sure that Masrur was either going to faint or murder Alibaba. But he held back, instead stomping his way towards the garden behind Sinbad’s palace.
[Y/n] found him dozing in the sun a little while later, with toppled trees all around him. Sighing, she placed her hand against the ground, pouring her magic into the ground and repairing the clearing. She had an affinity with nature, and Sinbad often utilized her talent to fix the palace grounds. [Y/n] sat down cross-legged, and gently coaxed Masrur into laying in her lap.
“Ne, Masrur, is there something wrong with Alibaba and Mor-chan having a kid?” She asked quietly, stroking her fingers through his hair.
“No.” Masrur grunted.
“So why the slightly violent reaction?”
“Because it’s Alibaba.” Masrur said, by way of explanation.
“So it’s not because you’
:iconakatsukidragonrose:AkatsukiDragonRose 286 39
Magi Characters x Various - Sinbad Request
Disclaimer: Magi: The Labyrinth of Magic and all Magi: The Labyrinth of Magi characters belong to Shinobu Ohtaka. I only own my plot idea original countries and original characters.
Disclaimer: Any photograph used in this fanfiction does not belong to me. All credit goes to the photograph's respective artists. I will always provide a link to where I have found the photograph at:
This is a reqest for Yuu Kaji on Quotev.
"I-I don't see the point of me being here." You nervously glanced around the throne room. It had been nearly three years since you last stepped through those doors.
"It is Ling Fa and your job to protect me isn't it?" Kouen, your employer asked. You weren't too happy with the fact you were working for the Kou Empire but it was hard to refuse when your life was on the life.
"Why are we even here anyway Kou-Kou."
"My name is Kouen not Kou-Kou, Ling Fa." Your employer groaned and glanced over at the girl beside you. Her name
:iconusagi-chan16:Usagi-chan16 215 16
Gibson and Selvester by IceCatDemon Gibson and Selvester :iconicecatdemon:IceCatDemon 374 77 The new Deputy page 7 by AnnaGiladi The new Deputy page 7 :iconannagiladi:AnnaGiladi 160 62
Dress Dilemma (Grell x Reader x Sebastian)
Dress Dilemma
(Grell x Reader x Sebastian)
“No, no, no!” Grell protested.  He placed his hands on his hips and tipped his chin in a derogatory manner.  “It’s too boring!”
Sebastian sighed quietly and shook his head.  He held your clothes folded over his arm like a towel.  They were now perfect squares of material.  “Black is flattering on any lady.”
“But red is so passionate!  So bright and sexy on a woman!” Grell exclaimed dramatically, placing the splayed fingers of his left hand over his heart with the right one extended to something invisible in the distance. “Try on a red one!  Please~?”
You let your shoulders slump as you glanced at the mannequins lining the windows of the shop.  Only one of the dresses was red, and when your eyes landed on it, you immediately paled.  Unfortunately, Grell had already seen it and was stripping the mannequin in a rather rude fashion.
:iconanimeartistren:AnimeArtistRen 262 91
DAI_team inquisitor by schl4fmuetze DAI_team inquisitor :iconschl4fmuetze:schl4fmuetze 168 42
Spike x Reader: Date Night
(Y/N) (L/N) was walking through Sunnydale’s one and only graveyard on her way to Spike's crypt. The couple was having their first date night in what had been a little over a year. (Y/N) had needed to leave Sunnydale for family reasons and she didn’t get back until about three days ago. She would have gone to see Spike immediately, but no one knew that they were dating. It wasn’t that they cared what the scoobies thought, it was about the fact Buffy would probably stake Spike if she found out.
When (Y/N) finally arrived, she was surprised to find that the door was open. She walked in tentatively and called out, “Spike?” nothing. She walked a bit further into the crypt, “Spike?” she asked again. No reply this time either.
She was considering leaving, when she heard the door close behind her. A pair of arms snaked around her waist.
“Hello, love.” Spike whispered into her ear, nuzzling his face into her neck.
“Spike.” (Y/N)
:iconkavithecrazedfangirl:KaviTheCrazedFangirl 34 10
Under The Stars by Mganga-The-Lion Under The Stars :iconmganga-the-lion:Mganga-The-Lion 248 25
Various Fairy Tail x Male!Reader
The Sweet Spot
Anime/Fandom: Fairy Tail
Various Fairy Tail x Male!Reader
Fairy Tail and its characters © WhoEverCreatedItI'mTooLazyToGoogle
This story © RecklessAlbinoChibi 
The Ever-So-Sexy Male!Reader © Yourself, or whoever you want
Warnings: Contains very mild sexual references and some swearing. 
Characters involved: Gray, Natsu, Erza, Lucy, Gajeel and Laxus.
I think there's more of an element of Laxus x Male!Reader, though all of them do get a pretty decent chance.

There were various different conversation topics that were considered 'off-limits' when talking to friends. These topics usually differ between different friend groups, but they're usually quite similar none the less. This particular conversation topic was often deemed too embarrassing to talk about with friends, but that never stopped the people
:iconmuffledscreaming:MuffledScreaming 637 125
Brother Sly CooperXSister Reader: Sibling Bonding
(AN:Consider this a continuation of my other Sly Story. I hope you enjoy!)
The young raccoon thief, (y/n) Cooper, tossed and turned quietly in her room at the hideout, sighing. Quite frankly, she was bored and had nothing to do: her friend Murray was at race car convention, Bentley was with Penelope on constructing some sort of machine, the Panda King and Guru were having a chess match, and Dimitri was doing some sort of Pogo Stick Dance or whatever (this takes place before the Dr.M area in Sly 3 btw.) She didn't know what her older brother, Sly, was doing, so you decided to check up on him to make sure he was okay.
    Quietly sitting up from your bed, you got up and walked silently across the floor, stealthily sneaking onto the main hallway into her brother's room across. You were quite surprised to see your brother on his bed, his tv on, asleep. Wow, Sly must have really been bored in order for him to fall asleep like that. The girl pondered on what to
:iconmaid0evil:Maid0evil 47 21


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